Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Soccer 2010

We haven't had any kids in soccer since Jake played when he was 9 (seven year break). So, this year we were excited to find a league just our speed and Caleb, Miriam and Ethan all played.  Their last game was on Saturday, and Leslie took photos to remember the season.

This is Ethan.  His team is called the Tigers.
Here the Tigers are trying to remember which goal is theirs. :)
Miriam played on a team with a lot of other little girls her age.  She had a great time.  Their team was called the Panthers.
Miriam is in the center.  She can really run and is quite competitive at heart. Fun to watch her play.
This is Caleb in an action shot (far right).

His team was the Burnt Marshmallows.  They were one of only two teams in this age group, so they battled each other every week.  This is saying "Good Game" to the Orange Crush.
All the kids had a great time and we enjoyed cheering for them.

Now we take a break until spring! Phew!


MattandNikiJ said...

I love seeing pics of kids playing sports. I cant wait until our kids are old enough to play. I can want to go watch and maybe even coach. Glad they had fun! Sure looks like fun.

Natalie said...

The burnt marshmellows....hmmm! sounds like a boys team Caleb's age! So fun!!:)

Kaitlyn said...

Haha I love the names for the younger age group

I remember playing soccer when I was 6 or 7, but it was boring, and I moved on to basketball after 2 seasons

Karma said...

So fun!!! I agree with Natalie; did they choose their own team names?