Friday, July 3, 2015

Taylorsville Days

We have been attending this fun event for all the years we have lived here in Taylorsville. It always happens the weekend before the 4th and is super fun.
 There is a parade. The longer we live here, the better it gets, because we know more of the people on parade. Sometimes my scouts have had a chance to participate, and this year, Caleb and Ethan carried the banner for the Governor's Award.
Camille's hat and all our fun friends to watch and wave with.
 We have some friends we call our blonde counterparts, because our families are similar in ages and size, but they are all blondes. Hey Baileys! We Love You!
For the last three years, we have watched the live concerts and fireworks with this fun crew.  This year we were supposed to hear Elton John and Billy Joel impersonators, and we did for a time, but a power outage cut the concert short.  No problem we have friends for this.
Except Caleb...he does have a great Bailey friend, but his counterpart was at scout camp. Better luck next year lone wolf.

The good news is that they found a generator so we could focus on some fabulous fireworks, and have music to go with them. Phew.

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