Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pioneer Trek and Party Hats

The last two weeks have been a blur! After great preparations, these two wonderful youth went out to test their mettle against the Wyoming wilderness. They dress like pioneers and pull handcarts to remember the sacrifice and effort put forth by our ancestors. They both had a very good time. They covered 35-40 miles in 4 days and felt a great deal of accomplishment, though it exhausted them. Now as we drive down the road and see an off ramp that indicates it is 1 mile ahead, Camille always says, "I can walk that."

Last week I drove to Idaho to pick up my Leslie, as her college term concluded and she is on break for several months. (Welcome Home, Sweetie!) While I was there, my grandma Joy gave us a batch of fun hats that she crochets to keep her hands busy. I have to show you the hats, and the party feeling that accompanied the distributing of such a great thing!
Jake and his cute wife, Chelsea. (Welcome to the Blog, Chelsea!)
Leslie and Caleb. Often a crazy duo.
Camille's is yellow with a white stripe, and Seth.
Dad and Ethan. Also my particular favorite photo bombing by Leslie.
and Miriam. 

We also celebrated Jake's 21st birthday this weekend. What he was wishing for this year is that he doesn't have to wait much longer to meet his baby that is due in August.  Yes, people, I'm going to be a grandma! Yay for our family to continue to grow!!!

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