Friday, February 3, 2012

Million Dollar Bathrobe

I do about 40 things every morning before I get dressed.  Probably that is a bad habit that will bite me back one day.  At least that is what I think every time I drive my kids to school in my fuzzy purple bathrobe.  My bathrobe does double duty as a coat, house dress, and blanket.  Considering the utility of such a garment, I really should spend the money to get a good one.  The one I have needs another 10 inches of fabric in the front panel.  Then my chicken legs, stuffed into my snow boots wouldn't flash you when I get into my huge suburban each morning.  I watch for my neighbor to start his truck to warm up and go back into his house, then I race out in my fuzzy robe and start scraping the windows frantically on that big vehicle and pray he doesn't come back out until I have climbed into the seat of my charger.  May I never break down. May I never be stopped by a policeman.  I tell myself it wouldn't matter--I really no longer have any personal pride.

I guess I could get out of bed and actually get dressed, but my bathrobe seems such a comforting friend on chilly mornings.  I huddle wrapped in it for scriptures.  I pad down the halls to wake kids in it.  I cook and eat breakfast in it.  It really is almost as warm as a coat for my morning outings.  Sigh.  I do get a bit nervous if I have to answer the door in it.  It isn't attractive.  Another reason to consider replacing it with a million dollar version.

I used to drive my kids to an elementary school that was on a hill.  At the time I drove a tall van.  One morning, after dropping my kids off and turning around for home, I arrived at the crest of the hill when a dad in a sedan was driving up.  From my perch I could clearly see down into his car, where wrapped over an undershirt he was sporting his wife's silky turquoise, lace-trimmed bathrobe as he was driving kids to school.  I am not alone.  Not in this brave outerwear, or in the need to replace it!


Natalie said...

You make me laugh!! Mostly because I am living the EXACT SAME LIFE!! I too sport a pink fuzzy bathrobe each morning....I too have driven the kids to school in it more times than I can count....I also wave at the bus driver from the window each morning. I use to think he couldn't see me until I got a text one day from one of my young women about my pink robe. :) It too needs replaces BADLY!! Miss you!!

The Land of the Blue Flower said...

thanks for a good laugh.

Kesia said...

LOL! This post is so funny! I love how you write!

Nanette said...

I need a good bathrobe myself....if you ever find THE ONE, let me know!

Becky said...

Nanette, DONT START, once you do, you can't stop! Just listen to Jenny and Natalie!
Jenny, do your kids ever hide as you drive past people they know, or so used to it that it doesn't phase them? oh, thanks for the laugh, I need to get a silky flower robe for Dave to wear sometime!