Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Choir

Part of our homeschool curriculum this year has Caleb, Miriam and Ethan learning to sing with the Heralders Children's Choir.  Tis the season for their Christmas performances.  Today was a bit of a marathon as they performed multiple times.  This photo is singing for the Santa breakfast. They sang so well!  The music consisted of old carols from around the world.  Some of the songs they sang are:
The Friendly Beasts
The Wren
Fum Fum Fum
Jinglin Bells
Deck the Halls
The Lord of the Dance
The whole program takes about 30 minutes and includes some dancing and solo performances.
This photo was taken between performances.  There was a lot of waiting to do, and the kids were good sports about it. This is Ethan, Miram and some of their friends.  They both sing with the younger Carillion Choir.  It is obvious they enjoy participating, they both wear smiles while they sing.
Caleb sings with the Classical Choir.  They are 10 years old and above.  I am loving seeing my boys in bow ties! (Caleb was pretty much born to wear a bow tie...)

This was Caleb's third performance for the day. (in total, he probably sang for over 3 hours today).  This is a special performance where the older choir was able to perform at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square they sang Vivaldi's "Gloria", which is in Latin.  I was so pleased with Caleb for memorizing all of this!  They sounded remarkable. Caleb is on the right in the back row, third boy in.

No photo is available of the choir's self-proclaimed head groupies: Leslie and Camille.  They cheered for the kids and got to know many of the choir members.  We are all exhausted and happy! 


Becky said...

what a great opportunity! This homeschooling thing is going to be WONDERFUL!

Natalie said...

Mom was telling me all about this. HOW EXCITING! I wish I were closer. I would have loved to watch (and probably cry...because I am a baby when it comes to those I love!!) She told me there was some headache with the required outfits, but I think what ever you did to get it accomplished they look GREAT!!

Leslie McAllister said...

I Love my Home schooler choir :'( sad its over, not sure if I can wait til January :)

Nanette said...

I wish I could have been there! I love children's choirs most of all.