Friday, September 9, 2011

In Which Miriam Hosts a Tea Party

 A week ago, Miriam brought a handful of hand-written invitations to me and asked permission to send them out for a princess tea party.  How could I resist?  She assured me I wouldn't have to do anything.  She was right.  Camille did it! The sisters had a great time helping with the tea party.  Camille waited on the guests and Leslie took the photos (but Leslie had to dress up to enter the room!).  Here are some fun pictures:
The Guests.
The Hosting Princess
The Help.
The General Atmosphere.


Nanette said...

so fun to be a girl!

The Land of the Blue Flower said...

so cute. tea parties are the best

Natalie said...

Super cute! What good big sisters!

Leslie McAllister said...

Basically the best pic of me and Camille ever :D