Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bear Lake

Proof that we had a vacation.  Proof that we had fun! 

Jacob returning from an invigorating plunge.

Cousins + Lake = Happiness

Home Base in the Shade

There is also a nice pool at the place we stayed, and the kids always have to go there after the lake to "wash off the sand".  This is an excuse to KEEP PARTYIN'!  I love this picture of Ethan.  Note the missing teeth in the smile.

And this is Caleb riding the inflatable whale.  The whale is a staple tradition and comforting part of the trip.  It has a droopy tail this year, but hopefully will be floating for some years to come.
Thanks to Dave and Tiffany for always being so nice to us to invite us to stay in their nice digs at the lake.


Natalie said...

Looks like so much fun. I am sure Jake was LOVING a day with his shirt off. He kept telling me HE HAD TO GET RID OF HIS TAN LINES! Funny kid!

Leslie McAllister said...

Yes Natalie, he sooooo wanted to tan his white self. Too bad it didnt work ;)