Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girl's Weekend

A couple of weekends ago, the boys drove off into the sunset to go to the annual Father and Son's camp out.  This year was a bit different in that all the boys were healthy and ALL the boys went! This left just me and the girls and we had a PARTY! It started with a trip to a local art gallery (my beautiful girls are all artists, so I encourage them in whatever way I can, having NO artistic ability of my own).
In front of the Kings Gallery, ready to see the art and jewelry inside.  Miriam met an artist who was preparing his collection for exhibit and made a friend. She makes friends everywhere she goes.  She pointed to a blank spot on the wall of the gallery and asked if they would not put a picture there so there would be room for hers. :)

Car photos. Long ride across town apparently gets boring.
We stopped at the Dancing Crane, an import store, to see all the fun things from around the world.  We came out with bells from India, earrings from Peru and smiles.  We also shopped at DI, a family favorite.  After all the shopping, we joined friends Alisa O'Berry and her baby Liam for a walk to Leatherby's and huge ice cream sundaes.  Home late, but still determined to party, we watched a movie and painted our toenails.  Saturday morning we spent at the yard sales.

Camille is showing off her finds, the necklace, the bracelet and the red top .  Love to shop at yard sales!
Yard sales took us past the cemetery where Grandpa McAllister is buried, so we stopped for awhile.  It was so nice to spend time with my daughters! They are fun and energetic and I'm grateful to be the mom.  The boys had a good time at the Father and Son's camp too, but they didn't have the camera.


Natalie said...

So fun! Your girls have changes SO MUCH in such a short time. We are SO EXCITED to see you all!

Nanette said...

Your girls are so lovely! Wish I was there to party along with you!

Wendy said...

Love those girls. Glad you had a fun weekend with them. :)

Karma said...

What a fun memory to have with your girls!!! They are beautiful girls!