Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dutch Oven Shin-dig

Last weekend, we went up Millcreek Canyon for a Dutch oven dinner with the McAllisters.  We had a great time and some Awesome food!  Here are some pictures of the festivities:
The Man Camp (Rick, Jared, Seth, Nathan)
Martha and her girls and Jake
Paul did the cooking, check out that three oven stack and the bravery of doing it all in flip flops! :)

And there were smores!  Martha and Tiffany brought up these mega marshmallows called Campfire, they were like eating 4 marshmallows in one!  They were delectable when roasted, Ethan doesn't seem to mind them burned!
Tiffany and Nelda visiting.  Tiffany was brave and brought all her children up, even though Dave was out of town! Superwoman!

You can't see it very well, but this is Grandma arriving!  The kids all ran to mob her.  She is very loved.
We also celebrated Heather's birthday while we were together.  Heather treated us all to cake (that is probably backwards, we should have treated her to cake, but she is generous!).  The bummer is, that I got so involved in food prep that I have no photos of the birthday girl, and she was looking so nice, too. Love you, Heather! Happy Birthday!


Wendy said...

That first picture of Nate and the guys is perfect...Nate is entertaining them all, I am sure.

Karma said...

I LOVE get togethers with family. Looks like lots of fun!!