Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter, etc.

This year we went to visit Dubois for Easter and conference weekend. It was our first time staying with Mom and Dad in their new little house. It was fun to see the things they chose to have around as they down-sized and how their new home suits them. We were able to see Natalie's family and Shane's. And Cody and Jessica made the long drive to visit with us on Saturday, and then drove back that evening. A particularly touching sacrifice as Jessica is expecting in May, and I'm sure it was hard on her! It was so good to see everyone! The children are all growing so fast! Weather conditions (snowing and blowing--this is Idaho) made it tough to hunt Easter eggs, but that didn't stop us! Aunt Diane had filled a bunch of eggs and the oldest children hid them for the younger children in my parents big upstairs room. This is the twins and Seth in the background hunting their eggs!

It was cute and fun. We enjoyed conference and drove home on bare roads despite the interesting weather. It felt so good to get home. I always get a little homesick.

Spring weather here in Utah has brought out the yard sales! I was driving home from the grocery store on Friday and stopped at an estate sale. Among the computer monitors and ancient rubbermaid I found this sideboard and hutch!
They were covered in contact paper. Leslie counted six different patterns of it! So we pulled and scrubbed and oiled, and now they look awesome in my kitchen! I was super excited. I have wanted storage with some display space for my kitchen for a while, and the price was right, $30.
Also nifty is that Leslie now has the old kitchen shelf in her room, and she is pleased with new storage and a new floor plan in there.


Nanette said...

What a super great find! I am hoping our new neighborhood has better yard sales...I miss that about Utah. Love the new look!

Karma said...

Awesome garage sale find!!! I love garage sales - when Riley was 8 she once prayed we would find good deals at garage sales the next morning :) So fun to spend Easter weekend with your family!! Glad to hear your parents are enjoying their new house!!!

Natalie said...

I LOVE the new kitchen look! What a good deal. Way to go you and paper is no fun to remove!::) It was SOOO GOOD to see you and your family! Love ya!