Friday, March 26, 2010

Big Bear

Last evening was cub scout pack meeting. Pack meeting is for the whole family, and they always have some kind of activity, and give out the awards the boys have earned in the last month. This time the activity was some balloon relay races. In this one, you were supposed to hold one balloon and bounce it against your other balloon to keep it in the air. The kids had to cross the gym and return. Miriam's balloon got away from her at every turn! That is her in the blue shirt. The green balloon in the foreground is the one she is supposed to be chasing. :)

Caleb earned his Bear award and a gold and silver arrow point. When you have a cub scout rank advancement, the final test is whether or not you can pin the pin on your mother. They always tease the boys not to poke mom. Caleb fumbled with the back of the pin and dropped it twice. His leader claimed he had dropsey. :) He is turning 10 this week and will be moving into the Webelos den. We are happy for you, Caleb! Good work!


Leslie said...

Aren't my photagraphy skills AMAZING?! :) Love you Caleb!

Karma said...

I love where Miriam's balloon ended up :)