Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Remember the clearing of ground this spring so I could plant beans? They are growing! The rain has made it wonderful! We are harvesting peas, a couple small zucchini, and this morning two peppers! I am so happy about it! Ethan is my main helper here. He seems fascinated by the harvesting part, so we have had to teach him how to pick the fat peas, and to ask mom or dad to come evaluate whether the squash is ready. :)

Along these same lines, a neighbor whose garden is farther along than mine, had a family emergency, and wasn't able to harvest for a time. She came back to these!
She asked if we would like them. Caleb has been begging for zucchini bread since ours started flowering, so we were happy to get them. I am posting my zucchini bread recipe on my latest recipes. It is sooooo good! If you need any zucchini to try it, I'm sure we can send you some!

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Nanette said...

Can you send me some?