Friday, May 8, 2009

Today's Update

So, I was going to show you this photo. It isn't lawn leprosy. I once had a neighbor, whose lawn was the view from my front main window. I remember one year she had trouble with the fertilizer spreader and ended up with stripes. I used to grin at that pattern. But, my helpful teenager decided to fertilize our lawn this spring. The fertilizer spreaders both were trashed over the winter. So he thought he would just scatter some with his hand. I haven't decided what the pattern reminds me of, but I thought it might make cheap entertainment for you.

A bit nuts this morning. My neighbor is taking a well-deserved break, so her kids came over really early this morning. (Can you say 11 kids in my house to get up and going this morning! I've always liked the number 11. It went just fine.)

Anyway, Ethan and his buddy are somewhat obsessed by a snake that the neighbors found. I HATE HATE snakes! Ugh.

Seth (Captain Awesome) has put a slice of bologna on the floor, carefully placed a toy orbital sander on top of it and turned on the noise. I love it. "See what I made?" he asks. Right now he and the neighbor's baby are sharing a sippy cup back and forth. Yuck. Probably explains why I have been wiping the same nasty from both their noses today!

I usually LIVE for Fridays. They are Date Night. When I get out of the cage for an airing. But, alas, my usual date is spoken for tonight. Daddy Daughter party with Camille. I have needs people!!! Oh well. So does Camille. But, the bright side, is that Gilligan's Island is here from netflix and I should get a chance to watch some of it with my kids.

Gotta go. I've discovered cucumber chunks on my floor. Another bite and spit job. Not sure what the savagery toward cucumbers is, but I'm a little tired of it. "I buy these to eat, People!"


Nanette said...

If I were in Utah, I would take you on a date. We could go see the girliest movie we could find and then consume delightful Mexican food...
Your blog looks beautiful! I see you've joined the Mormon Mommy Blogs. I highly enjoy them myself.

Natalie said...

Oh Jenny - what a day! I will pray that you survive. I hope Camille's date night goes well. I would love to hear the ideas from the activity when she gets home. We have a mom/me and daddy/daughter to plan soon. I also kind of wonder if you would have left the cucumber and the bolagna on the floor if the kids could have just fed themselves lunch.:)Atleast that is an idea for the next time you have all 11.

Becky said...

I kindof like that "feed themselves from the floor" comment! I love the look at your exotic day--just as exotic as mine! so, do you get your date tonight?

Crazy Uncle Ryan said...

I loved the bologna story! Alisa and I both laughed.

AO said...

You are seriously so funny.... seriously.