Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

It was obvious Memorial Day morning that my kids expected a holiday. Nathan had a full schedule painting for money (which we always need), so it was up to me to come through. We all packed the sunscreen, the picnic, extra diapers and seven children into the suburban and headed for Temple Square. When we arrived, excited to get going, we discovered Ethan didn't have any shoes. Ugh! We decided to just see how far we could get, but knew that it might affect our plans.

This is everyone, fresh for our adventure. The kids have been watching old episodes of Gilligan's Island lately, and Jacob bought the white hat for his "little buddy".

We ran into some sister missionaries. Ethan was entertaining them showing them all the ways he could wear his hat. They even told him he looked like Gilligan, which made him happy. Then they asked me if we were going to the children's exhibit at the Church History Museum. I replied that we had originally planned to, but Gilligan forgot his shoes. One sweet sister said, "Just tell them the pioneers came without shoes too!" So with that in mind, we did visit the museum and had a nice time. I sat Seth in front of the table with the blocks that the kids can use pretending to build a temple. He only stayed a minute, then returned to the "hospital" section, took a reflex hammer out of the little doctor kit, and returned to the blocks, hammering each one into place. He knows you can't build without a hammer!
As we were running down, and our parking time was running out, we headed back to the car. Waiting on the street corner for a light, I started to tell the children what to expect next. "Okay kids, now here's the plan..." and a gentleman crossing the street toward us exclaimed, "The plan is, not to lose any of these kids!" Yes, kind sir, that is the ultimate plan. I want all of them always!!!


Natalie said...

I am glad you made it out and about on your memorial day! The kids look cute in the picture. I am glad you made it to the museum and that you didn't lose any children.:)

Nanette said...

What a fun crowd!

Crazy Uncle Ryan said...

Yes, you definately want to keep all those kids.

Becky said...

you can always come up with something fun to do! no shoes, it never fails that one will do something like that! glad you were still able to do everything!
his "little buddy" huh, so he is the fat skipper?? my kids love gilligans island- ellie has had a crush on the professor since she was 4!

AmyJo Denise said...

looks like so much fun!!!

we lost dan once on temple square. ha ha. I think i was 10 - 12 years old.

Still one of my favorite places to see in utah!!