Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Eagle's Nest

You may remember that a long time ago, Jacob finished up his scouting Eagle project.  And then the paperwork sat around for awhile.  But it was finally done too, and in June, Jake was officially an Eagle.  But, he and three friend have all been waiting on each other, and apparently the right moment, to have their Eagle court.  Sunday the 9th of December, it happened!  And what a wonderful evening with friends and family around!
Left to right, this is Teren Jameson, scoutmaster for many years for this group of boys, Randy Ivins, Skyler Williams, Jacob, and Parker Mack.  This is the part of the court where they shared some favorite stories from camps, and some funny things were told on each other.  By the look on Jake's face, I'm guessing this one was on him.

This is Steve Thunnell, a favorite scout leader of Jake's, they got along so well with each other, and Steve was instrumental in the project Jacob chose, and in encouraging him to get it done.  Steve presented Jacob with his award.
This is Dad, putting on Jake's neckerchief.  I pinned on his award.  Then they let each of us take a minute to say a couple of things about Jake, or about scouting.  I talked about the many things scouting has given to Jake. He loves it.  It has been so good for him, a highlight of his teenage years. Nathan quoted Lord Baden Powell about scouting preparing young men for the second coming of the Savoir.  This is in part in memory of Grandpa McAllister, who said the same things at Nathan's Eagle court.
This is Jacob awarding his mentor pin to Curtis Ivins.  He has been one of Jake's Jamboree leaders, and his bishop for lots of years.  This touches me.  These two are very good friends, truly a mentor to help Jake grow and develop. 
Jacob had opportunity to speak his heart.

A boy never gets his eagle alone.  This group of men have all been leaders at one point or other along the path.  There are surely others who were not there too.  And there are parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles who encourage and help.  The whole story is on the faces of these four young men! What a happy evening!


Becky said...

hooray! what an accomplishment, congratulations! We are on the waiting end of John getting his Eagle too....

Natalie said...

LOVE IT! I sure wish we could have been there. Jake means the world to this little family! What a great kid! I love all the smiles!