Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Our Bunnies

 Jake is up in Idaho, doing some work.  Just before he left, his friend bought two bunnies, and Jake built them a cage, and they are living in my back yard.  I didn't give permission for the bunnies, but since they are not our bunnies, then I suppose that doesn't matter.  They have been here for about two weeks now, and Ethan and Miriam, Caleb and Seth LOVE them with very big hearts.  I have a bit of a soft spot for bunnies too, which is why the bit o'fluffs are still with us.  I keep reminding people that these are NOT OUR BUNNIES! But I'm not sure that message is sinking in.
Miriam and the bunny known as Polly (but we are not quite sure if it shouldn't be Paul).

Seth and Luke.
Ethan and Luke (this poor bunny had the unfortunate experience of being named by a friend of Jake's, his full name is Lucifer...but I try to encourage the kids to call him Luke, or maybe, as with Polly, he should really be Lucy...It is hard to tell on baby bunnies.)

The continuing saga of the bunnies:  We had a storm 4 days ago and Luke escaped from his cage in the night.  Under cover of darkness, he fled, and we have yet to find him or his remains.  Remember this guy?
Rex IS our dog.  He is fascinated by the new friends which share his yard.  He thinks they have very tasty poop and he likes to sit under the cage, but if he were to find a fluffy friend on the loose, I think he wouldn't hesitate to play with it...he probably wouldn't mean any harm.  (He never does.)  Who knows where that bunny went?! Rex isn't telling if he knows.  Jake just hoped they (bunnies) had time to make baby bunnies before Luke R-U-N-N-O-F-T.  I pray that if they did, Polly is Paul.


Natalie said...

Ha, ha! You make me laugh! I am glad to know they are not YOUR bunnies and were purchased by a friend. That is NEWS TO ME! I was told that they WERE your bunnies! :)

Becky said...

I hope it is Paul too, for your sake! Although baby bunnies could be very cute :)
Love the "oh brother" you slipped in there, about time to watch that again