Friday, May 27, 2011

Leslie's 15th Birthday

Wow! It is here! Leslie is 15.  She has been anticipating this birthday for awhile, sending out lists of her wishes to friends and family, lest they forget the big day.  The list I received looked something like this:
1. Tangled

2. Fashion bug cat eye sunglasses
3. Big sandwich
4. Bracelets
5. Rings
6. Heart locket (long chain)
7. Fresh flowers
8. Head bands- the cute kind with big flowers or bows
9. Boxes- any kind
10. T-shirts
11. Hats
12. Pink pens
13. Lip gloss- peachy colored
14. Pretty hair pins
15. Eiffel tower model
16. Chandelier earrings
17. Magazines
18. Lamp
19. Makeup
20. Nail polish
21. Books
22. CDs
23. Sharpies
24. Milkshake
25. School bag
26. Socks
27. Anything for my room- my colors are hot pink, blue (and grey, silver, white, and black)- Paris theme
28. Any suprises

Big Sandwiches were granted.


Watch out for that guy!

Unwelcome help. Ppplllbbb.

Gorgeous bracelet (I picked it out, so I think so!)

Check out Ethan's face...he knows what is in there! (Tangled is one of those new absolute favorite movies!)
Happy Birthday, Leslie! (Note: Leslie says she is still accepting gifts. :)


Nanette said...

What a cute girl! Tangled is a new favorite at our house as well. Murdock thinks that Eugene is his dad. :) I will have to come bearing gifts in July. :) :) :)

Becky said...

um, I was waiting to see the bug cat sunglasses! Happy birthday to our OLD children!