Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Classic Seth

Seth has a girlfriend.  She is imaginary, but wow, what a woman! Seth tells us things about her all the time.  Yesterday while I was driving, this was the conversation:
Seth: "My girlfriend has a monster truck."
Mom: "Oh, really?"
Seth: "Yeah, she has a pink monster truck.  She built it.  It has pink paint."
Mom: "Cool."

At the dinner table last night, Seth was wearing his new, green Christmas cape, the one with the Sandra Boynton animals on it.  Nathan said, "Seth, will you say the prayer?" Seth replied, "You mean Batman?" Nate has been around the block several times as a daddy, he didn't miss a beat, he said, "Batman, will you say the prayer?" And Batman did. :)


Nanette said...

Batman come to our house too! LOVE IT! He doesn't have a girlfriend yet though...I hope he gets as lucky as your Batman. A monster truck is really the sign of true love.

Becky said...

I am glad to hear that batman is religious! And what does the for strength of youth say about "imaginary" dating before 16--- worried?

Kristen and Co. said...

I KNEW Batman was a member of the church. Just like Steve Martin!

Natalie said...

The girlfriend is so funny! What a kid!

AO said...

I so so love Seth stories. I hope we have as many of those with Collin someday :)

Karma said...

So cute!!! Craig was the Hulk for over two years - we know the drill :)