Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Summary

We picked Jacob up from the airport late on Aug. 6th.  The National Scouting Jamboree lived up to his expectations as a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We hear about it a little at a time, but he had a great experience.  He left us again to go white water rafting on Monday the 9th in the Tetons. Obviously he loved that too! It has been a summer so full of adventure for him, he really is having a tough time being home.  We like having him back, however. And tomorrow, he is scheduled to have his braces off!

We also just came home from our family camping trip for the summer, known in other circles as the Ward Camp Out. :) Gone for less than 24 hours, we still feel we had the full experience.  The kids got to pitch and sleep in tents, we played games, ate yummy hot dogs, enjoyed great company.  Nathan and I slept under the stars.  Well, we tried to sleep, anyway.  A few bug bites, Jake and kids caught crayfish and we arrived home pooped and dirty.  Also infected with a vicious stomach flu.  Ahhh, camping. :)

Now we are staring "back to school" in the face.  All of the children are anxious to get back to routine and friends.  I am fine with that, but all of the registration hoops have me hopping right now.  I also miss them when they go back!  This year it will just be me, and Seth all day. Wow, time flies.  Seth is enrolled in a preschool that will start soon too.  It is two days a week, about 3 hours a day.  I think it will be fun for him to have a school to go to too, as he feels a bit left behind.

I am running out of summer and I feel a bit deprived of some summer things.  Maybe I'll try to fit some of them in this week.  We haven't been to Bear Lake as a family, and Nate's school will mean that we really won't get there all together, but maybe the children and I will venture.  I haven't had one ripe tomato from my garden!!! Ugh.  And, we have not been to a rodeo.  Maybe we'll go to the one at the state fair.  I have sent children out on 12 different camping excursions, we have played in the pool on the front lawn, and a few times at the big outdoor pool, we have enjoyed walks in the sunshine and visits with friends on the lawn, we have shared some cookouts.  This summer has been full of good things, I shouldn't complain.

In fact, this summer has brought to pass one of my long term dreams!!!  I yard sale all summer to help keep us in clothing without the big price tag.  Last week, we held a yard sale and made $55.  I love trading old junk for money.  But the best part is, that around the corner from us, another yard sale was selling this:
It was $50.  I traded my junk for three burners + a side burner with a removable griddle, and it had a tank of propane already attached.  We brought it home and fired it up!  I'm in BBQ heaven!!! I have been looking for one of these for 4 years now! I'm feeling spoiled and blessed. :)  So, you know, back to school BBQ at my house!


Natalie said...

I love the pic of Jake in his scout gear looking all official. I am sure he had a blast and can't wait to hear about it myself. I am super excited about the BBQ deal you found. What a great buy for $50!! I would be in BBQ heaven too!

Karma said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer - too bad it is winding down so soon!! I bet Seth is so excited to go to "school" - the little ones are always so eager!! Great about the grill - I can't wait to hear your fun grilling recipes :)

Wendy said...

Love BBQs. Sweet find on the grill!