Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fashion Disaster

Today is Fashion Disaster Day for spirit week at the junior high. Thought I'd post my childrens' creative genius. Leslie is sporting the hat we all love to hate, among other atrocities. She is actually too sick for school today, but couldn't be outdone by Jake.
Note Jacob's hair part. He was rather proud of it.


The Semon Family said...

That is AWESOME! I don't miss Jr High, but its hard to think of reasons to have a fashion diaster day when you are an adult...unless I fail to do the laundry.
Thanks for the party tips-so appreciated!

The Jacobson Family said...

What fun outfits, too bad Leslie was sick, hope she gets better soon!

Sabra said...

That is funny!! I have never head of that. What a cute idea.

AmyJo Denise said...

ha ha!

...wait...I think I looked very similar to Leslie today...oops!
...ha ha! They look fantastic!

I hope she gets well soon!